Sunday, December 18, 2011

Life in Africa

From Sr. Karen Flaherty missioned in Kitale, KENYA

Life in Africa

I can’t do justice to the beauty of the area-Kitale is surrounded by mountains and flowering trees, really such a contrast to the poverty that is here. For example, children and adults with out shoes, people walk and walk and walk where they need to go

Being able to know 6am as a bird lets forth a glorious melody at the same time every day

Living with sisters who GO to the poor by foot, bicycle, picky pickys (motorbikes) or out truck

And who also like to play cards and games

Picking vegetables from our shamba (garden) and having a choice to choose cabbage, carrots, lettuce, spinach, zucchini or sukumawiki (bet you didn’t know that is kale!)

Listening to the needs of the area…then, with others trying to discern what to do about them

Attending 6:45 am mass with at least 60 other people who sing by and with heart (in Kiswahili) from beginning to the end

Working with a vision, nurturing native vocations who are wonderful members of the Company, as well as learning from them

Being a resting place for our sisters traveling to and from the Chepnyal mission

Being surprised at things that happen everyday like a 6 year old girl humming the hokey pokey while she draws (Fruit of American college students who volunteered last summer.)

Competing for road space with donkeys, goats, and sheep for road space

Seeing women carrying almost everything except their babies on their heads with their child tucked in a piece of material on their backs

Amazing trust exhibited by students as I explain an art project (amazing in itself) and them not understanding a word I am saying

Being invited to DANCE at a Pokot celebrations as well as being given a belt with snail shells particular to the region. I’m hoping to de better at the dancing because I know I will be doing it again-

Those are just a few things about being here-there are so many more!

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