Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Chepynal Mission

Chepynal was one of the first missions of the Daughters of Charity in Kenya. It is located in the area of West Pokot and the nearest city is Kitale (which you may be able to find on a map. It is in the western part of Kenya.) The Pokot people live in this area and are primarily pastoralist. Although, the region is very mountainous most people also farm, growing maize, the staple crop of the country.
The sisters were invited to come to Chepynal by Fr. Dillion, an Irish missionary priest who has spent most of his life serving in West Pokot. The community responded 10 years ago by opening a mission and began working with the people of the village and surrounding outstations. Currently, there are 4 sisters and myself. Sr. Pat and Sr. Lawrencilla both work at our nursery school which serves 122 children. Sr. Esther, who was sent on mission this past December, works with the women and elderly at Linyough Center. She is also working with a few income generating activities to help the women to support themselves. Sr. Mary is the administrator of our projects in Chepynal. She works with communities to help them build and maintain wells and helps to find resources for disabled children in the area. I've been doing a variety of things as well as teaching art at the girl's elementary and high school.
Chirst has been very present in the people we serve as well as in our local community. It is a joy to see the Vincentian charism present here in this place, that is off the beaten path.

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  1. Hi Sr. Sharon,

    I am Jenny--a Vincentian Lay Missionary who is traveling on August 3 to Kenya to come to Chepnyal for the month.

    My friend, another VLM, Christine found your blog and shared it with me. I am very excited to come join the community next week for the month!

    Thank you for all you shared about Chepnyal in your blog. I read it and am looking forward to this journey!