Friday, July 27, 2012

The Beautiful Faces of Children

The best part of my day is often my walk to school.  It is about a 15 minute walk to St. Catherine's where I teach.  I walk along a dirt road that weaves its way around fields and up and down hills.  Most of those I meet on the road are children.  They are on their way to or from school and they love to greet me, especially the nursery aged children.  There is almost always a crowd of kids. They all stop and stare at me, not quite sure wether to smile or not, and then one of them will  put out their hand for a shake.  I don't just shake their hands but I make a big circle with or go way up and down which makes them all giggle with delight.  Then everyone has a laughing smile and wants to shake hands. 
Other times while walking I will meet a girl-child carrying a plastic container.  Almost as soon as girls can walk they are expected to fetch water from a well or a stream, find fire wood for cooking, and care for younger siblings.  Their is no complaint or frown on their face but an acceptance and peace about life as it is.  Life for young the girl-child has improved-it is now no longer common practice to be married at 13 or 14- going to school or receiving some sort of training after elementary school is more and more common.  The young women of high school age are strong and courageous, willing to defend their right to education. 

As always for me, God is in the faces and encounters with children.  Really, the pictures say it best...


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